Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Avonworth Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • "When I first started going to Avonworth Chiropractic, my pain was excruciating. Now it's barely there. Dr. Jake is so helpful!"
    Heather M.
  • "They paid close attention to my needs. They figured out a plan to rehab my spine and muscle soreness"
    Tom D.
  • "I have been going to Avonworth Chiropractic since Dr. Jacob opened. They have helped my arthritis immensely and keeps my neck moving. I feel so much better after my appointment. I strongly recommend their services."
    Sue B.
  • "I come here for headache, neck pain, and back pain. It has really helped me to feel better. The massages are AWESOME. I look forward all week to my visit and it is the bright spot of the day."
    Debbie P.
  • "I had throbbing pain in both of my legs every night, keeping me from falling asleep. Avonworth Chiropractic has completely eliminated this problem."
    Suzanne R.
  • "I came to Avonworth Chiropractic after being in a terrible car accident. They have helped me get rid of the back and neck pain, as well as the headaches that I suffered as a result of the accident. I was not able to go the gym for over 8 months, and now I am back to approximately 70% of my strength, without any pain, due to the exercises recommended to me by Dr. Jacob which has accelerated the healing process. I have also taken their advice with regard to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and have taken the suggested supplements, which has added to my overall health. Avonworth Chiropractic combines extensive knowledge with highly personalized care, which has resulted in me being able to be productive and active again without any pain."
    Glenn W.
  • "Avonworth Chiropractic has helped me after I had fractured my tailbone years ago. When I first came in, I could barely walk or go about my dailiy activities. After coming in to Avonworth Chiropractic, I am able to stand correctly and am able to take care of my responsibilities."
    Lisa K.
  • "I cannot say enough good things about this practice. I was sick and not getting the help I needed from my medical doctors when I found out about this clinci. Dr. Roccon went above and beyond to help me understand my adrenal fatigue. She is light years ahead of the general medical community. Her scientific knowledge combined with safe and effective matural practice exceeds the typical "treat the symptoms, not the cause" medical standard that most of us find acceptable. She took the time to map out a personal plan for my health, and I am well on my way to better health today because of it! Dr. Barlow is an excellent chiropractor and the office is a cheery, clean, friendly place. You can also get an amazing massage here for a reasonable price. I highly recommend Avonworth Chiropractic"
    Miriam D.
  • "I am 71 years old and thanks to excellent chiropractic care, I have little or no pain. I golf, walk, garden, keep house and I am able to stay very active."
    Donna F.
  • "Dr. Jake made me feel human again! My back is feeling wonderful, my neck no longer hurts, and my headaches are gone. Dr. Jake takes adequate time to listen to his patients and fully understand your symptoms. He is friendly and kind. You will feel totally comfortable."
    Kelly K.
  • "I had a very painful herniated disc.
    Just putting my socks on took 45 minutes.
    Dr. Jake realigned my back and put me on the right regimen of exercises.
    Now I am pain free, and able to function normally again.
    The alternative would have been back surgery."
    Ronald M.
  • "A reputation is earned. I was recommended to Avonworth Chiropractic by very close friends. Relief from severe headaches came but a few sessions after meeting the good doctors at Avonworth Chiropractic. I'm a believer. I will pass the word."
    Mark O.
  • "Dr. Jake not only identified the cause of my neck pain but helped in figuring out insurance to get it covered, saving me money!"
    Alyssa S.
  • "Dr. Jake's adjustments "keep me going" as I care for my 2 grand kids (ages 2 and 5) several days a week! Toss in a therapeutic massage once a month with Kim, who is on staff at Avonworth Chiropractic, and I can really keep up! Thank you Avonworth Chiropractic!"
    Sharon G.